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Choosing the perfect Silver Bracelet gift for new groom and bride that will make them remember you for a lifetime

silver bracelet

If you get married in the next few months, surely you are already immersed in the inescapable (almost infinite) universe of preparations and details involved in the celebration of a wedding. No matter the type of party you want, the chosen rite or the magnitude you think to give the occasion. Getting married is usually […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Jewelry Gift for Mom

Jewelry Gift

Jewelry Gift for Mom can last forever like her love, here is a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for you. Mother’s day is approaching quickly, and you want to find more than just an average gift. Why not choose jewelry gift for mom with gemstones? They are special, meaningful and they will bring multiple benefits to […]

How to style your winter outfit with well-chosen pieces of silver jewelry

silver jewelry

Silver jewelry Having difficulty on how to style your winter outfit with jewelry, here is a guide to help you having fun and feel glamorous, too. When winter comes around and your thoughts turn to add a few items of winter wear, do not forget to also add the right pieces of jewelry to your […]

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces Make For Great Heirlooms

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

925 sterling silver jewelry Heirloom Choices Who does not love getting gifts especially the trendy 925 sterling silver jewelry gifts? Do you know that feeling? The one you get when you are handed something special? Something that has a meaning not only to you but to your whole family and the ones before? Well, this […]