Marcasite Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are quite personal and have a very strong emotion and feeling attached to it. It reminds you of the most memorable day of your life and this is the reason why women tend to be very particular when it comes to deciding their engagement ring. 

Marcasite engagement rings are gradually becoming a part of the trend as they are being used to add a timeless touch to the design being created. wholesale sterling silver Some of the designs of the marcasite engagement rings are as follows:


How To Choose Marcasite Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings


  • Marcasite Wedding Ring

Marcasite wedding ring band is made up of sterling silver and the band is adorned with several small marcasite stones. The stones are shiny and assembled in the most unique manner. Each stone stands out and speaks for itself. This ring should definitely be on every bride’s list. 



Engagement Rings

  • Rhodium Plated Marcasite Ring


If you believe that sterling silver tends to tarnish over time then a rhodium-plated marcasite ring is the best option for you. The ring will maintain its luster and shimmer for a very long time. wholesale silver ring It is in the shape of a rose and as the occasion of getting engaged is special, therefore; the design should also complement the feelings and emotions attached to that particular event. The flower-shaped ring that has beautifully cut marcasite stones in it is definitely a piece worth having. 


Engagement Rings

  • Marcasite Ring with Eilat Stone

Marcasite ring with Eilat stone is a very rare design. It signifies and looks like a rock as a big chunk of small of marcasite stones coupled with Eilat stones are placed on top of the band. It looks quite classy and fashionable because it is different from what most of the jewelry designers are creating today.