How to style your winter outfit with well-chosen pieces of silver jewelry

silver jewelry

Silver jewelry Having difficulty on how to style your winter outfit with jewelry, here is a guide to help you having fun and feel glamorous, too. When winter comes around and your thoughts turn to add a few items of winter wear, do not forget to also add the right pieces of jewelry to your wardrobe. Without suitable jewelry, your winter outfits will just not look right. So, while you do want to splurge on sweaters and boots, you must also spare a thought to adding some well-chosen items of jewelry.

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silver jewelry

Bold Rings But Not Too Bulky 

When adding your silver jewelry items, be sure to pick those that are appropriate for gloved hands. You do not want to buy too bulky rings because they would not fit inside your gloves. silver jewelry Neither the dainty ring will be noticeable with bulky winter wear. It is a better idea for you to choose clean and simple rings that will not only sit well inside your gloves but will also look good when you take off your gloves.

To style your rings, you want to make sure you pick the right kind of sweater. Those with extra-long sleeves will certainly keep you warm but at the same time they also bulk up around the wrists. What you need is to buy rings that will show up from under the sleeve and which makes you look more feminine.

Instead of stacking multiple rings, it is safe to wear one or two bold rings in winter. All you need to keep in mind is to avoid wearing flashy rings. Before you choose your rings, wholesale jewelry just makes sure you pick the right color. You can match each and every ring to the color of your other items of jewelry but stacking trend gives you an excellent way to mix metal colors. Just remember that your outfit must also have mixed metal colors.


silver jewelry


Go Big and A Few Bangles

Bangles will always remain in style and hence are a great option when choosing your jewelry. This winter, the latest trend in bangles is to choose those which have delicate details. Keep in mind that bangles are a type of silver jewelry item that flatters your looks. They give your wrist a touch of femininity and so it makes sense for you to add them to your collection.

Some women find it hard to wear jewelry in the winter months. This is because they do not have any idea as to how to style the bangles with long sleeves. They only need to ensure that they do not wear them with a bulky sweater. silver jewelry The right option is to wear bangles with a thin sweater. In fact, wearing bangles over the sleeves of your sweater is a wonderful way to embellish your outfit. Also, try to wear more than one bangle. Ideally, you should try and wear two to three of them to display a touch of sophistication.


silver jewelry

Pina Brooch or Multiple

Brooches are sure to embellish your looks this winter. With a host of metals, sizes, and shapes to choose from, a fine brooch is an easy way to personalize your look. Pin one on your sweater to liven it up, add one to your coat for a luxurious touch, or even wear one on your headscarf to keep it in place and to add a flash of sparkle to your face. What’s more, silver jewelry with fall and winter just over the horizon,

it’s a stylish way to keep capes, ponchos, and shawls securely on your body. wholesale sterling silver You can have fun mix and match more than one brooch on your outfit.  There is no rule, just be confident!


These are but a few options available to you when you want to add to your winter wardrobe. These items of jewelry go well when chosen well and worn with the right attire.